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Pricing Details

Price List

ReachReactor is currently a beta product and prices are subject to change. All current customers will be notified in advance of any pricing changes.

Outgoing Phone Numbers

To send and receive SMS messages, you will need to rent at least one outgoing phone number and can rent multiple phone numbers. Phone numbers are $3.00 CAD + HST per month. You can cancel your phone number rental at any time, but the rental fee is not prorated for partial months.

SMS Message Segments

You are billed $0.045 CAD + HST per SMS segment when you attempt to send or receive SMS messages. SMS segments lengths are as follows:

  • 160 characters per segment for single-segment, GSM-7 encoded messages.

  • 153 characters per segment for multi-segment, GSM-7 encoded messages.

  • 70 characters per segment for single-segment, UCS-2 encoded messages.

  • 67 characters per segment for multi-segment, UCS-2 encoded messages.

Most English and French characters are supported by GSM-7, but some special characters, some punctuation, and emojis are only supported by UCS-2. ReachReactor lists the encoding and segment count beneath the SMS message text box when sending an SMS message.

Voice Minutes

If someone receives an SMS message from one of your outgoing phone numbers and replies with a phone call rather than an SMS message you will be charged $0.03 CAD + HST per outgoing or incoming minute for Canadian calls.

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